Thursday, July 16, 2009

Father's Day Card For My Sweet Husband

Here is a Father's Day card that I made for my sweet hubby, Karl. I love him so much and appreciate him taking Brandon and Austin to church every Sunday and also their youth activities.

Here is the front of the card:

You can lift up the front part to reveal the shirt and tie. Karl and the boys always wear white shirts and ties to church... which is one reason that I just LOVE this card.

I digitally erased the message I wrote only because it's a little personal but as you can see, the kids all just love their dad. The only reason that Justen didn't sign it is because he gave Karl his own card that he bought - and a t-shirt that says: DAD to the bone. hehe... Karl loved the t-shirt and both of the cards.

Thanks for looking! And I apologize for not posting more often. I have been crafting some but not posting... my bad! I hope you come back to see more cards I've made.

Do you like my new DIGS? I was tired of the old boring brown and greys. I thought I'd change things up a bit to show my poisonality. Yes, you read that right. My dad has always called "personality" : "poison-ality". Sometimes it fits, doesn't it?

Have a great day!


eviledna said...

Great card, and sounds like it suits him perfectly. Love the buttons on the front. When I was reading the post and got to the bit about your son not signing it because... Well I hadn't scrolled down far enough and when I did I was half expecting to see the reason was he'd made one himself LOL. Wouldn't have liked to have seen your craft room after if he had made one :O) Well I don't know how long I've been on your blog catching up, but it's been worth every minute. Thank you for sharing all your lovely creations with us in between taking care of your family through all their illnesses.
Take care, keep smiling and stay crafty
Ann x

Awesome Mom said...

Awesome card!!! I love your new blog took too!

Godelieve said...

Beautiful work!!