Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sympathy Rose revisited

We are having a review of sketches 27, 28, 29. 30, 32 and 33.  (we didn't have a sketch #31 because we were doing a review that week)  You can see the sketches on the MTME Blog here.  I chose to use sketch #30 - in fact, I'm re-posting a previous card and here's why:  I'm suffering from tendinitis in my right hand. (suffering is the perfect word because I want to craft!  lol)  I had to take a leave for this week because of the pain... and I really should let my hand rest... so instead of typing up a whole new post I'll copy and paste parts of the previous post.  Thanks for understanding.

In October of 2011 made a sympathy card for the parents of a young boy who passed away from several congenital diseases. 

I used MTME's new digi stamp set Well Rounded and the digi paper Wildflowers.  

The white paper is a shimmery white stripped paper.  I took a couple of pictures to show the pretty stripes.  I don't remember what it is called but I've had it on hand forever.  I also used light pink lace and white flower trim from my stash.  

I love the rose in the digi stamp set I mentioned above and I wanted to color it with copics so I took the time to reverse the effects of the rose stamp which is a black silhouette and outlined in white.  I used the eraser tool and erased the black areas and then used the paint bucket to color the white outline to black.  That way I could print up the black outline and color it pink with shading and highlights.  

I first tried using the color bucket to color the different parts of the rose in 3 shades of pink and I really like how it turned out.... but that is for another project and another sketch!  (which I should use soon, huh?)  

I hope you enjoyed the card even though the occasion is a sad one  Thank you for stopping by and I appreciate each and every comment.  

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Linda said...

Wow what a gorgeous card!!!! Love the design and the colors are fabulous!!!!! Love it!!!